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2019 Marv's Fireworks Rewards Specials!

Come see us these days to get our exclusive specials!

June 25th - Free box of Pop Pop Snaps with ANY purchase AND free Marv's t-shirt* with a purchase of $30 or more. (*While supplies last.)

June 26th - $5 off any Artillery Shells $50 or above (limit 5).

June 27th - Free box Marv’s Super Snaps with $10 purchase.

June 28th - $2 off any box of artillery shells with any $10 purchase.

June 29th - $10 off any 500 gram cake (limit 5) NOTE–doesn’t include the Buy 1 get 2 free special.

June 30th - Free Marv’s Happy Whistler with any purchase.

July 1st - Free Marv’s Firecrackers (100/box) with $10 purchase.

July 2nd - $5 off any 200 gram cake priced $10 or higher (limit 5).

July 3rd - Free Killer Bee Fountain with any $10 purchase.

July 4th - Free Jumbo punk (2 pack large punk) with any purchase.

*Limit one per customer per rewards card unless noted otherwise.